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Silverado the Goat: Journeying Over 1,200 Miles to a New Life in Louisville


Silverado the Goat: Journeying Over 1,200 Miles to a New Life in Louisville 

Louisville, KY – [May 6, 2024] – The local community of Louisville is set to warmly welcome Silverado, a special LaMancha goat born with a neurological condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia, to the compassionate care of Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary. This arrival marks the end of a heartfelt, community-supported journey spanning over 1,200 miles from Smithwick, South Dakota. 

Silverado is scheduled to leave South Dakota on Tuesday, May 6th with a volunteer transporter, with plans to arrive in Louisville, KY on Thursday, May 9th. Born on April 20, 2024, Silverado was unable to stand or walk on his own, requiring a wheelchair for mobility. Despite the challenges, the community rallied together, raising over $1,350 to cover the cost of his travel and ongoing medical care at his new home in Kentucky. 

Cerebellar hypoplasia, the condition affecting Silverado, is most commonly recognized in the feline world, where it is referred to as Wobbly Cat Syndrome. It affects the part of the brain responsible for fine motor skills and coordination. 

Anita Mason of High Prairie Dairy Goats, where Silverado was born, expressed her gratitude, stating, “I'm so happy Butterfly Valley Rescue and Sanctuary can take him and give him a life that we would never be able to.” 

“Butterfly Valley is not just a sanctuary; it’s a beacon of hope for animals like Silverado,” said Nikki, co-founder of Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary. “We believe every animal deserves a chance to live a happy life, no matter their condition. Silverado’s story is a testament to what love and community can achieve.” 

The sanctuary, run by the family of Nikki, Brandon, and their two daughters, focuses on providing a loving home and raising awareness about special needs animals. “Our mission is to show that different is beautiful and to teach compassion through our residents,” added Nikki. 

Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary welcomes media representatives and the community to meet Silverado by appointment and experience the magic that these special animals bring into our lives. 

For more information, to make a donation, or to schedule a visit, please contact: 

Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary Email: Phone: 502-791-5865 Website: 

About Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary Located in Louisville, KY, Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary is a compassionate, micro sanctuary dedicated to providing care for animals in need, especially those with special needs animals. Founded by the family of Nikki and Brandon Feusner, the sanctuary embodies the spirit of resilience and hope, demonstrating that different is indeed beautiful. 



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