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Episode 9 - Friends of Philip Fish Sanctuary

This week we bring you a very special aquatic edition of the Sanctuary Life Podcast in honor of my favorite week of the year, Shark Week! We couldn't imagine anything more appropriate for our Shark Week Special than to host a fish sanctuary. We are excited to introduce Gwendolyn Church, founder of Friends of Philip Fish Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 non-profit fish and aquatic animal sanctuary in Reno, NV.

Hear how one super skinny, pale, little Betta fish in the back of the pet store shelf named Philip set Gwendolyn on a path to turn her passion into a microsanctuary helping fish in need. Learn what it took logistically to move an entire fish sanctuary from Sonoma County, California to Reno, Nevada. Experience how the heartbreaking loss of a goldfish named Wednesday, pushed her aquarium mate Lucas into a deep depression. Learn how important veterinary care is for a fish and aquatic animal sanctuary and how one amazing aquatic veterinarian named Dr. Sanders has been such an essential part of Friends of Philip Fish Sanctuary. Meet some of Friends of Philip's newest rescues Sammy the rooster and Becca the hen and here where their journey is taking them next.

We remind you to... "Live every week, like it's shark week.” and never forget that... "Fish are friends, not food!"

To stay updated on Friends of Philip Fish Sanctuary, find them on Facebook and Instagram. You can find additional information like where to make donations on their Linktree.


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