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Episode 18 - Around the Barnyard

This week's episode of the Sanctuary Life Podcast kicks off our month-long Flocktober Fest with a bang! We're joined by Kyle Behrend, co-founder of Around the Barnyard. Kyle, who has over 12 years of experience at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia, is on a mission to help sanctuaries save time and focus on their true calling – caring for animals.

Around the Barnyard offers vital resources and cutting-edge AI tools. These tools generate customized content for social media and emails, saving sanctuary staff valuable time. Upcoming AI solutions include personalized chatbots and email filters to assist with common inquiries, all aimed at enhancing efficiency without replacing human workers. Plus, here's exciting news: the public Beta testing for Around the Barnyard opens on October 3rd, giving sanctuaries the chance to experience these game-changing tools firsthand.

One remarkable aspect of these AI tools is their ability to maintain consistent messaging and style, ensuring a unified brand, no matter who's posting. And speaking of connections, Kyle shares a heartwarming story about his special friendship with Hip Hop, a rescued pig who taught us the profound impact farm animals can have on our lives.

Kyle's vision is clear: to empower sanctuaries through Around the Barnyard, allowing them to focus on their critical work. Join us for this inspiring episode as we explore the synergy between technology and heartfelt connections within the sanctuary community during Flocktober Fest!

To stay updated on Around the Barnyard, find them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website at Click here for more information on The Open Sanctuary Project which we discuss during the episode.


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