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Episode 15 - LEAP (Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet)

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

In this special episode of the Sanctuary Life Podcast, join us for an inspiring discussion about the groundbreaking humane education program known as LEAP (Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet). Three remarkable leaders in the sanctuary community, Danielle Hanosh, co-founder and executive director of LEAP and co-founder of Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary; Monica Stevens, co-founder of LEAP and co-founder & President of Jameson Humane; and Andrea Nassar, director of humane education at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, join us as we learn more about this remarkable new program.

Discover the heartwarming origin story of LEAP, rooted in the efforts of a high school freshman and her pig, Sebastian, and how it led to the creation of a nationwide initiative dedicated to transforming youth into compassionate leaders. Explore the core educational aspects of LEAP, focusing on domestic animals, the environment, and wildlife. Learn how the program empowers high school students with knowledge, training, and scholarships, and how it encourages positive shifts toward veganism and plant-based eating among participants.

Delve into the rapid expansion of LEAP from three initial sanctuaries to 24 sanctuaries across the country, driven by the desire to offer a humane alternative to traditional agricultural programs. Discover the plans for future growth and international involvement. Andrea discusses the program's impact and Catskill Animal Sanctuary's commitment to fostering meaningful connections between students and sanctuary animals. Learn about the program's nationwide response, plans for expansion into urban areas, and the critical role of funding in supporting these efforts. Discover how they hope to continue to grow the program and allow high school participants to teach younger generations and strengthen the connection between animal rights and human rights.

Join us in celebrating the growth and impact of LEAP, a program dedicated to inspiring the next generation of compassionate leaders who advocate for the well-being of animals, the environment, and society.

To stay updated on LEAP (Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet), find them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website at


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