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Episode 8 - Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary

Historic Williamsburg, Virginia is the home of this week's guest as we welcome Mallory (not Jenna) & Ryan Phillips co-managers of Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary. Life With Pigs' mission is to educate people about the injustices faced by animals and how we can better coexist with our fellow earthlings. It all got started in 2016 when Ryan took a leap rescuing a former breeder pig named Pumpkin. Three pigs, a rabbit, and chicken later Ryan realized his budding microsanctuary had outgrown his condo.

Learn how a neglected calf named Sophie would be the catalyst to bring together a pair of animal activists that lived thousands of miles apart in a made-for-TV love story with quite the fairy-tail wedding. Hear how a trio of pigs almost crashed the whole wedding by knocking over the cow treats. Hear some common themes throughout Ryan's sanctuary life, like numerous interactions with cows and police. Hear how their outreach has impacted thousands of people by simply taking their pigs and chicken out to places like Colonial Williamsburg and college campuses. Finally, learn how they are using the web-based education platform, Outschool, to educate the next generation about sanctuary life and compassionate living.

To stay updated on Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary, find them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website at You can find additional information like where to purchase merchandise or make donations on their Linktree.



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