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Episode 6 - Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary

We are so excited to be back with you for a new episode of the Sanctuary Life Podcast. This week's episode takes was recorded right here at our very own Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary with co-founder Nikki Feusner. Founded in 2021, Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary is a compassionate plant-based backyard rescue and microsanctuary for animals in need, specifically special needs animals. Everything we do around here is a little "unconventional" especially when it comes to dealing with our special needs or as we like to call them, limited edition, residents.

Join us as we discuss some of our most memorable residents, discuss what makes our sanctuary so unique, lessons we learned long before we became a sanctuary, and much more. Follow along as we explore how one small sanctuary nestled in a suburban neighborhood in Louisville, KY is making a big impact, one animal at a time.

To stay updated on Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary, find them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website at You can find additional information like where to purchase merchandise or make donations on their Linktree.


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