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Episode 2 - Destination Liberation & Rosie's Farm Sanctuary with Jason Bolalek

"It would be great if you could rescue 10 calves, or 80 calves, or 100 calves, but we can't rescue our way out of the problem."

In this week's episode we introduce you to Destination Liberation founder Jason Bolalek a man on a mission to rescue calves from dairy farms and finding them forever homes. Bolalek who found himself "always stopping to see the cows," after his move north to Vermont, knew he had to take action after hearing a story about how the farmers killed the male calves." This life changing moment saw him jump right into action and after saving the first pair of calves he founded the rescue organization Destination Liberation. He has gone on to rescue and find homes for 75 unwanted calves. His work was recently showcased in an article by the British newspaper The Guardian.

A recent change has seen Bolalek add an additional title to his resume as he became the Farm Manager & PR Director for Rosie's Animal Sanctuary in Potomac, Maryland. The change allowed Jason to transition to what he calls his "dream job".

Join us as we learn about a crazy adventure that started with a pair of dairy calves in the back of a rented Nissan Maxima and led activist Jason Bolalek to place calves as far away as Iowa and Florida. Learn what it was that made Bolalek feel such a connection with these dairy calves. Hear about his most memorable rescue and what the future holds not only for Destination Liberation, but for his new home at Rosie's Farm Sanctuary.

To stay updated on Destination Liberation, find them on Facebook and Instagram. Follow along on one of Jason's rescue journeys on Youtube.

To stay updated on Rosie's Farm Sanctuary, find them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website at Donate to Rosie's Farm Sanctuary via Paypal or Venmo by searching for Rosies Farm Sanctuary.


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