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Episode 12 - Cloven Heart Farm Sanctuary

For this week's episode we stay in the Lone Star State to meet Davy Divine who is co-founder and Director of Operations for Cloven Heart Farm Sanctuary in China Springs, TX. Cloven Heart, whose mission is to Nurture respect, empathy, and compassion for farmed animals through advocacy, education, and rescue, was founded by the mother-daughter duo of Davy and her daughter Tab Sabre. These lifelong animal lovers and rescuers moved from Honolulu, Hawaii to Texas in 2016, went vegan in 2017, and founded their sanctuary in 2018.

Learn how Davy uses her background in education as a former Middle and High School teacher to help educate and lead advocacy efforts at Cloven Heart. Hear about how they help their residents heal, find peace, and to learn to trust again by meeting them where they are in their recovery process. Discover how Davy has published multiple books including the most recent book, “Charlie's New Family", to help people understand where amazing rescues such as Charlie the bull come from. Fall in love with the story of an amazing goat named Symphony who was the heart behind Cloven Heart Farm Sanctuary.

Learn how Cloven Heart Farm Sanctuary is helping others interested in starting their own sanctuary with an amazing book titled, “One Day I Want To Have A Farm Sanctuary: Things You Don't Know To Expect”. Experience the challenges and struggles of finding adequate veterinary care and how you must find a vet to work with you, not talk at you. Feel the pressure of having to deal with nearly 40 straight days of 100 degree temperatures and how Cloven Heart is battling the Texas heat.

To stay updated on Cloven Heart Farm Sanctuary, find then on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok or visit their website at Find additional information like where to purchase merchandise, their books, or make donations on their Linktree.


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