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Episode 11 - HodgePodge Farm & Rescue

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

For this week's episode we head to the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex to introduce you to Lauren of Argyle, TX who founded HodgePodge Farm & Rescue. We learn about this amazing rescue & sanctuary that's primary objectives are Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome. As a sanctuary, HodgePodge strives to provide care for their residents, "For Life or Longer”. Hear how Lauren, who says her first word was horse, went from riding horses and participating in 4-H as a kid, interning for equines veterinarians in high school, and getting a degree in animal science, to running a hodge podge of an animal rescue.

Learn what HodgePodge Farm & Rescue is doing to help end the slaughter of America's horses and what you can do to help. Hear the story of Huckleberry, who helped land Lauren recognition as an animal hero from The Dodo. Meet an amazing Barbados Black Belly sheep Ewe named Wheezie. Experience the challenges that extreme weather present when running a sanctuary in North Texas including ice, hail, tornadoes, heat, cold, and more. Learn about how HodgePodge Farm & Rescue is planning a 1,550 move to their Forever Farm in central New York.

To stay updated on HodgePodge Farm & Rescue, find then on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website at Learn more about Huckleberry, Lauren and the crew at HodgePodge on their episode of The Dodo. Find additional information like where to purchase merchandise or make donations on their Linktree.



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