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Meet Oliver



Oliver was rescued from a family farm after he was failing to thrive at just three days old. Oliver was one of four babies and was unable to nurse and having difficulty walking when we rescued him.


Oliver is the reason we got back into rescuing goats. We helped this sweet little one from the day he was born. As he continued to struggle in the early days we brought him home and the rest is history. For the first seven months of his life Oliver lived inside and had never seen another goat. He thought he was either a dog or a human. Oliver grew from a tiny 7lb baby into the 160+lb majestic gentleman that he is today. He is truly a gentle giant and is the first to greet visitors. He loves everyone he meets. In November of 2020 Oliver was voted as Pet President by our local pet store chain Feeders Supply. Oliver's biggest problem now is that he doesn't understand how big he is, he thinks he is a lap dog.




December 29,  2018


January 1, 2019


Saneen/Nubian Cross

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