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Meet Nemo


Nemo came to us at three weeks old. He had been born with congenital leg deformities  affecting all four of his legs. These deformities made it impossible for Nemo to stand unassisted or walk normally. Oh and how can we not mention those adorable ears that were already 8" long when he arrived. With the help of his original family Nemo was thriving prior to his arrival with us. He adapted and learned to crawl in his own way. Nemo's family reached out to find him permanent placement at the sanctuary knowing he would need more long-term care than they were able to provide.

An amazing team of volunteers helped Nemo made the 560-mile trip from Joplin, MO to his new home in Louisville, KY. Upon his arrival we immediately began finding ways to help Nemo live his life despite his differences. Nemo will need lifelong extra care and currently spends time in his wheelchair, drag bag, and his wagon. He is one of the most inquisitive and curious goats we've ever had and he loves to go on adventures. He currently lives indoors with his "roommate" a foster goat name Tinker. 




January 5, 2024


January 26, 2024


Nubian/Boer Cross

Nemo's Supporters


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