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Meet Leo



Leo joined us as a young goat with a courageous spirit and a charming personality. From what we were told, Leo had been a 4H goat and was the last surviving member of three goats, all facing the grim fate of slaughter. A kind soul saw Leo in a city backyard and, realizing his situation, found a way to save him. This rescuer knew Leo needed a family and a safe haven, not a fate as food. He reached out to us to provide a forever home for Leo after getting him safely away from his situation. Upon seeing hearing his story and seeing his photos, which is when we realized he was a carbon copy of our sweet Oliver, we immediately agreed to help.

Upon his arrival, Leo quickly won our hearts with his playful antics and loving nature. We immediately began finding ways to help Leo live his best life despite his past. Leo now enjoys a life filled with care, love, and plenty of enrichment activities to keep him engaged and happy. Leo's favorite activity quickly became seeing how many times he could get his head stuck in the fence. He began sporting his "Stick of Shame" to prevent fence entanglements, and he wore it proudly. Leo’s joyful spirit is infectious, proving every day that love and a bit of goofiness can go a long way in overcoming any challenge.


Leopold (Leo)


Unknown (2022)


March 28, 2024



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