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Meet Kobe


Introducing Kobe, the resilient pygmy/myotonic buck we rescued at just 5-month old whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From battling urinary calculi due to a dietary misunderstanding to undergoing multiple surgeries, Kobe has shown immense courage throughout. His recent heroic battle against abscesses, necrosis, and lingering stones culminated in a comprehensive urological revision, including a perineal urethrostomy and castration, all aimed at improving his quality of life and preventing future health complications. Despite the challenges, Kobe's spirit remains unbroken as he settles into a new chapter of hope and healing.

Kobe's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and compassionate care. Thanks to the dedication of our veterinary heroes at Goshen Animal Clinic, led by Dr. Schmidtke, Kobe is now on the path to recovery. His story serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate information in animal care and the need for ongoing support and advocacy for these wonderful creatures. As Kobe continues his journey with us, we're committed to providing him with the love, care, and resources he needs to thrive and inspire others with his indomitable spirit. Today Kobe lives in our Littles Pen and loves have goat friends.




June 7, 2023


November 12, 2023


Pygmy/Myotonic Cross

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