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Meet Ferdinand

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Meet Ferdinand, the resilient goat formerly known as Billy, whose journey from darkness to hope is a testament to the transformative power of compassion. Ferdinand's story is one of survival and overcoming unimaginable trauma, finding solace and safety after a caring neighbor reached out to us to help him. Ferdinand was bought by his previous owner to raise for slaughter. No one was quite sure of Ferdinand's age but we estimate he is at least 2 years old. Fortunately his owner agreed to surrender him and he left behind the life of an unaltered billy goat roaming the streets. Rescued from that life of abuse and the looming threat of slaughter, Ferdinand's arrival at the sanctuary marked a turning point in his life.

Following his quarantine period Ferdinand's journey began with his castration. He then transitioned to our Bachelor Pad where he had goat friend for the first time ever. The playful interactions and googly-eyed excitement between him and his new found pals signified the beginning of a new chapter for Ferdinand, filled with companionship and joy. Supported by the kindness and courage Ferdinand's transformation serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to believe in the profound change that compassion can bring.




Unknown (2022)


January 23, 2024


Boer Cross

Ferdinand's Supporters


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